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Lilliputt Mini Golf

Lilliputt Mini Golf is a family owned business run by Fraser Brothers Ltd with Directors Hamish, Ollie and George Fraser. Over the years the brothers have perfected the construction of good quality mini golf courses, bringing cutting edge animatronics to New Zealand. The popularity of their mini golf courses in Auckland and Hamilton has established Fraser Brothers Ltd as an industry leader in mini golf. As a family business, they strive to be the best in the industry by providing a product that people of all ages will love.

Variety – the children’s charity

For more than 25 years Variety has helped New Zealand children aged 0-18 years in all sorts of challenging circumstances. We fill the funding gaps so Kiwi kids are set up to reach their full potential. Our strength is in providing flexible tailored help to meet the specific needs of the individual child. With our support, children have better health, improved educational outcomes, better life pathways and engagement with the community.  
Variety is a worldwide organisation with 43 offices across 13 countries. Variety New Zealand benefits from its international links, but ensures that all funds raised in New Zealand stay in New Zealand.

Light Up

‘Light Up The Holidays’ was created by Andrew Potvin (Designer/Producer) and Zac Johns (Musician/Composer) of Light Up in 2014 to unite the talents of the entertainment industry for a single cause annually. Light Up aims to provide unique, memorable and entertaining experiences to spread holiday cheer to those in need. Previous charities they have supported include the Auckland City Mission and Live More Awesome.